Saturday, November 2, 2013

NeighborHood Watch Report: Suspicious Vehicle

Heather Highlands sent this out to their community:

On Friday, Nov. 1, about 10:00 to 11:30 am, neighbors in Division 4, along SE 329th ST, spotted a suspicious vehicle. The driver and passenger were two females approximately 20 years old. They were using high-powered binoculars to look into houses, particularly open garages. One neighbor approached the car and asked the driver what they were doing. The driver claimed they were waiting for a friend. The back of the car was full of backpacks and other stuff. The neighbor then called King County Sheriff, and a deputy responded fairly quickly. The deputy said the car and the female driver were known to KC Sheriff's dept. The deputy spent some time driving through the neighborhood looking for the car and/or the young females, but did not find either.
The car is a dark navy blue Honda station wagon. License plate 024YKK.
The driver is a young HIspanic female. The passenger is a young blonde female.
Please be alert and watch for this dark blue Honda station wagon. If you see the vehicle in the neighborhood, please contact 9-1-1 to report it to the King County Sheriff.
Break-ins and burglaries can happen anytime day or night. Please keep your garage doors closed and all doors and windows locked. If you see anything suspicious, call 9-1-1 right away. And then report the incident to Block Watch. Thank you for remaining alert!
Highland Meadows Homeowners - Please be on alert for any suspicious activity.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Neighborhood Alert - House & Car Break In

Sunday afternoon there was a house break in with high priced items stolen.  Later on that night, the  truck at the same residence had items stolen out of it.

If you saw any suspicious activity, please call the police.

The police have been notified.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neighborhood Watch Report:  Sometime between Sunday evening- 11:00 pm, 1/20/13  and Tuesday morning - 6:00 am, 1/22/13,  someone entered the cab of a truck outside The Dahlquist home at 13404 SE 342nd.  A suitcase with fishing gear and clothing, binoculars, tackle gear and other sentimental items were taken.  Value was between $2,000-$3,000.  A police report has been filed.  If you saw anything suspicious please contact Jeff Dahlquist or the King County Sheriff's department.

Highland Meadows Homeowners Association

2013 Annual Meeting

Thank you, Mark and Sally Sternard, for again hosting the Annual Homeowners meeting on Thursday January 17, 2013 at 7pm.

Those in attendance were:

Board Members                                                       
President: Willie Webster                                          
V. Pres: Dennis Saxon (absent)                                               
Secretary: Donna Wandler                                         
Treasurer: Debbie Eng-Coe                                        

Cluster 1: Ryan Blow                                                   
Cluster 2: Mark Sternard                                           
Cluster 3: Dan Surber (absent)                                  
Cluster 4: Jackie Holden (absent)                              
Cluster 5: Tanja Martinson (absent)                          
Cluster 6: Cindy Squires                                             
Cluster 7: Maureen High (absent)                               
Cluster 8: Nancy Ackerman                                        
Cluster 9: Debbie Bengeult                                         

Karla Webster
Buffy Schrag
Albert Kristek
Mary Ann Kristek
Pamela Powell
 Jim McDonald
Irene McDonald
Cole Hodgson
Stephanie Axworthy
Ann Piraino
Mike Piraino
Donna Hall
Mike Coe

The minutes of the past meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  Pamela Powell and Diane Kremsner conducted the annual audit and reported the books in order. (Thank you for your help!) Debbie reported a balance of $4,346.86.

The 2013 assessment dues will be mailed By Feb. 1.

Old Business:

Safety Committee:  Work is being done on repositioning one of the cameras

Landscape Committee: Nancy reported that the 16 year old riding lawn mower was tuned up but will need to be replaced in the near future.  Lighting was repositioned on the bike path. (Thanks Jerry and Frank) A short segment of fencing will be replaced at the site. (We’re looking into some materials that provide a softer landing!)

 Covenants Committee:  Donna recommended that any future revision of the By-Laws include the wording of the 1986 By-Laws concerning exempt lots.  (In effect, it says that exempt lot owners who choose to pay dues will enjoy the same privileges of HMHA membership as other members of the homeowners association)

 Neighborhood events and Recreation: The board will review the information on the benches at the next meeting. 

 Neighborhood Directory Updates: The Directory Cover Drawing Contest is now open for children 12 years and under who live in Highland Meadows. Please submit all drawings (with child’s name, age and address) to Willie Webster by the March 15.  First place is $25. and 2nd place is $15.  (Homeowner dues must be current to participate in any homeowner sponsored contests.)

Karla Webster will work with Roxie to download the directory files into her own program.  A tear-out sheet will be included in future directories for updates, however, this year a form will be included with the minutes. Please return yours to your cluster rep.

 Christmas Lighting Contest:  Congratulations to this years winners! 1st Place: Pete and Tamara ($75), 2nd Place: Monica Simmons ($50), 3rd Place: Joe and Kelly Gustafson ($25)

Fire Dist. #44 Santa Truck: Another huge success!  Thanks to all who donated food and stood in line for pictures with Santa!  (Board note: call in Sept. to be placed on their calendar)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Suspicious Vehicle Seen in Neighborhood

There has been at 90's Silver Suburban driving around the neighborhood.  It has some damage to the front right side.  It you see this vehicle, please get the license number and call the Sheriff's department.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 2012 Homeowners Meeting

Highland Meadows Homeowners Association

Sept 20, 2012

            Thank you, Karla and Willie Webster for hosting the association meeting.

Those in attendance were:

Board Members:      
President:  Willie Webster
Vice Pres:  Dennis Saxon
Treasurer:   Debbie Eng-Coe
Cluster 1: Ryan Blow  
Cluster 2:  Mark Sternard
Cluster 4:   Tanya Martinson 
Cluster 6:  Cynthia Squires
Cluster 7:    Maureeen H. High
Karla Webster  
MaryAnn & Albert Kristek
Jan Saxon
Janet Smith
Donna Hall
Gerry Ackerman
Deronda Stanley
Mary Zoppi
Mike Coe 
Debbie Bengeult

The minutes from the May 17, 2012 meeting were approved.

Introductions of attendees were made.

Treasurer’s Report:    $5,371.88
Old Business:

Past Dues:                   Willie will start to go out and talk to households with outstanding balances.

Safety & Security:      Repositioning of both license plate and wide angle cameras.
                                   There was a stolen vehicle and utility trailer taken from homeowners residence.
                                   Both were recovered-on within the neighborhood and the other a couple
                                   of miles away.
             BE AWARE of anyone walking around the neighborhood that you haven’t seen before. 
             LOCK your cars, trucks, rv’s, trailers and don’t leave anything within the vehicle in plain site.

Landscape:                  Thank you to Mark Sternard, Ryan Blow, Laurie Bulson for all the assistance.
                                     $1600. spent this year.
                                     Ryan Blow has requested help this year on the laurel hedge on the hill.
                                     Prices for park benches will be looked into and reported at next meeting.

Covenants Update:     Nothing to report.

Neighborhood Events:   Yard sale had a very good turnout.  Shoppers commented on how well the advertising was.  Mid-July is a good time to have the sale.

Neighborhood Directory:       Looking into software for the directory.  Also looking for someone to take it over.
New Business:          Clean Up – will wait and see if needed before spring.

              SPEEDERS – SLOW DOWN.  Kids are back in school, buses are back in the neighborhood so don’t pass when the “stop” sign is out.

               RECREATIONAL VEHICLES – Summer is over so get them off the streets and driveways.  They should be out of sight.

               LEASH LAW – is in effect.  Anyone see dogs roaming the neighborhood should call Animal Control – 206-296-7387

                                    Also note that Animal Control officers have been in the neighborhood checking on  animal licenses.

WINDY HILL Cleanup – Saturday, Sept. 29th at 8:00 am at bottom of hill.  Coffee & Donuts too.   Anyone can help.  It’s your hill, take some ownership in keeping it clean.

Please call King County Road Maintenance – 206-296-8100 to ask when the guard rails on the Hill will be replaced.


            Next Meeting:   November 15, 2012  7:00 pm at Debbie Bengeult 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fourth of July Parade

Anyone interested in coordinating a Fourth of July Parade for the children, let either Jan Saxon or Nancy Ackerman know.